The Drinking Generation

Eighteen with a screwdriver, right out of the liquor store, mixed, all stirred up and ready to drink. Wow! Along with many other blends and varieties to choose from. The fact that eighteen was the legal drinking age growing up it prepared me to understand very quickly at a young age …limits, consequences, and location, location. Meeting at the park late at night, deep in the forrest, high up on a mountain top passing the Jack and coke with a view to die for, feeling very primitive and all bonded and in love with your friends. Watching the sun set, waiting for the last family to leave on the beach, then exposing the mini bar in the cooler and letting it all hang out. Carefully planning a convergence on the estate when the entire family had a wedding to go to, and its party time. This one worked for awhile because it felt like rock and roll and why not I’m a female lead vocalist in a rock and roll band. Use the rehearsal studio when the band is not rehearsing, because I can, and I have the keys. Party like a rock star! Then it gets old. not the animal in you… but the manner and style of house parties and the setting , not to mention the dreaded “Can you drive?” question to your significant other at the end of the night. Lord have mercy.
This is the part where I wish I could press a button, kind of like that … you know… thumbs up button on your computer on your scrolling moments, that takes so much of your precious time away from you. Ok. I’ll stop, sorry thats another subject.
Imagine with me, if you can, picking the phone up, ordering for a limousine with my very own driver, requesting where I want to be picked up, for how many hours I will be using the stretch. No questions asked, except how will I be paying for this at the end of the night.
Do you know how addictions become fueled? Do you know that in life there are many addictions that occur in the human mindset, and it’s not always what you have been told, seen and or read about in magazines, documentaries, and in news letter pamphlets handed out to you, nor circle human meetings in buildings.

To be continued … A View from the Backseat


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