Many, many moons ago in the middle of the night… before midnight, I had a two moon conjunction when I first step foot and sat alone in the backseat of a limousine. I was a lead vocalist in a rock and roll, top 40 band  at the time. The band had two agents constantly booking us gigs. We rocked and worked every week. Lets face it, if you were in a band in the 80s, you were on fire. No such thing as open mic Monday nights or “band gets the door”,blah blah blah…please…The band got paid! We had a studio with keys, entourage, and sound man. Those were the days my friend. I knew  it would come to an end in the 21 first century. Being so young and living on the hill, I did not have my own car just yet.  I had boyfriends; long term steady ones, however, when you are in a working band and under military contracts as well civilian and boat cruise contractual band performance scheduling , you need to make sure you and the band have wheels. No problem for me;  I had a boyfriend who loved me, and band members who cared. That is until the respect level and the love and passion dissipates from sentences spoken from the mouths  of those that once drove you home oh so safely on the hill.

A View from the BackSeat … My peninsula, freedom and addiction which soon led to a lifestyle in the back seat of a limousine.


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