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Being young, distraught and filled with anxiety… Thank God for Angels put on earth to love you in your darkest hour. Corporations and upstarts in the decadent 80s exploded with tons of money to be made. Changing of the guards/ CEOs happened like new flavors in a Baskin Robins sort of way.
On this evening, being young and in control always in the backseat of a limousine, a shakedown had occurred earlier in the day in my corporate life. By night, I needed my boyfriend to help me drink my champagne on ice, so I could poor out my tribulations and frustrations at the same time, but it was too difficult for him on a weekday to step outside his front door and join me in the white stretch; because 8:30PM on a weekday was too late, in his world.
Pulling out my little red book of names and numbers, I called an old friend of mine from school days. He wasn’t home and the young woman who answered the phone told me he would not be back for two hours.”He” was her boyfriend, but I didn’t know that at the time. She heard the disappointment in my voice along with deep sadness… filled with a long quiet pause… She then broke the silence and said “Are you ok?” I replied , “No…I’m not.” She said, “Whats wrong?” I said to her, “The company I work for has been shut down and my boyfriend cannot see me and I’m in the backseat of a limo with a bottle of champagne on ice and I just wanted to cruise.” A voice of sheer purity without jealousy of another woman’s voice… calling her man, that being my deep sultry voice on the phone replied … “Give me ten minutes to pluck my eyebrows and I’ll be happy to cruise with you and keep you company!” My heart felt overjoyed with an unusual sense of why this complete stranger on the phone ¬†would have such an innate love and all knowing capability to feel my dark depression over the telephone. Joyful and excited to meet this woman I asked, “What is your name?” So that when my Limousine pulls up in front of your house, I will send the driver to escort you in and I will be waiting in the car for you.” She replied with a voice till this day I can never forget…pure childlike… loving and so comforting. She replied, “my name is Angel”

To be continued…A View from the Backseat