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The Psycho Limousine Driver

On this electric evening, like all nights in the 80s it started out with a desired destination, pulsating to the tunes in the limousine, drinking and toasting to being alive, and of course, a mini celebration after picking up a childhood friend from the airport. I always felt like an heiress-tycoon when I mapped out the entire itinerary for the evening cruise. Champagne on ice, my shiny Halliburton … a holding case so organized and done with such a fetish like an organizational ritual on my part; with things inside… that I kind of want to keep to myself at this time. Three women, my favorite number when socializing and hanging out with loved ones. Perfumes always blended well in a stretch, adding to the olfactory, sexually aroused feeling that somehow I just naturally developed overtime in the backseat of a limo. After finishing our first bottle of champagne and now making our way in to town for dinner and later moon gazing on the beach, I politely asked my driver to take the freeway so that we could get into the city faster, remembering that “Time is money when you’re in a limo”, also knowing that on the freeway it would be a great opportunity to light up and enjoy the green green grass of love, compliments of my good friend Angel. It would be like a cute little inhaled appetizer. This is the time that you let go, the music resonates in your soul, and a little less conversation. The glow of the city lights illuminating the interior looking like Hollywood. You just feel real good. Until the chauffeur abruptly puts the privacy partition down and yelled at the top of his lungs like a crazy maniac. Oh my God! I said to my self, as my other two girlfriends I could see were frightened and in shock. He then accelerated the speed of the limousine, which is not done…unless in a movie. So we all screamed together holding on to our bodies in motion, swearing in unison. He pulled swiftly to the side of the freeway under an overpass to a sudden stop. Meanwhile cars are blazing by at speeds of 65 to 70 plus miles per hour. In his front seat with his big, pudgy, ugly body, and his faded tuxedo, no longer black, more of a green swampy color, and worn by the shoulder blade which I could see and have a permanent memory of. His receded and balding shiny sweaty head. He yelled with his tomato red face “I do not permit smoking of any illegal substances in my Limo! I will call the cops on you! Have you all arrested! I will leave all of you right now on the side of the freeway and you can figure out how the hell to get home… how do you like that! Which is it? take your pick?” Of course I was feeling very worried for my two girlfriends and responsible for there welfare. I could see how nervous they were. I had a sophisticated anger in me that actually worked as if though God giveth to me how to reply to this lunatic dangling on a hopeless fringe so that it would just close his distorted mouth, and forever change his world. Calmly I said to him, ‘Im very sorry for the misunderstanding sir, If you would like I can call the police myself with my mobile, I would be happy to talk to him as well, also this evening I planned on paying you cash instead of a credit card, and I need to get to an ATM machine.” He turned white and all of sudden regretfully panicked. He then replied, “Where is your next stop?” I said sternly… trying to hold back profanity and my temper, “Drop us off at the restaurant, indicated in the manifesto I gave you earlier in the evening.” While in route to our final destination I had made arrangements with another Limousine company. When we arrived I had absolutely no intentions of paying this driver… nor ever patronizing and or referring clients. The gravy train for this limousine company was over. Before hand, my usage of this limousine company was reliable booking, 4 times a week. Most limousine companies make contracts with large hotel bulk movements to have that kind of consistency. As I stepped out of the car with my girlfriends, he looked at me and said, “I’m sorry.” I turned away and didn’t pay. I looked to my two friends and said … “Now that is what I call a psycho limousine driver”

To be continued… A View from the Backseat


Sex with the Moonroof Open

The Driver pulled up on the hill,  in front of my house always arriving 15 to 30 minutes early. In the limousine industry, there are some drivers that aim to please and keep the client happy so that the satisfied  customer will request the same driver for another day. On this chartered affair of mine, it started out with tunes, alcohol, change of clothes, and lots of green baby backs… cold, hard cash, as it always did.  However most important for the journey is a full charge on the mobile device and the little black book , in this case , my book was red for the 80s. Feeling like a pimp, player, and a major dealer rolled in one, I kind of had a strong testosterone and estrogen level competing to cause in the mind and body at the same time, a sort of Disney like euphoric theme park ride happening in the anatomy within.  Pretty much like on top of the world. Like my own little movie world. Stopping at the liquor store to purchase champagne was the first stop; other unmentionables…  pick ups and orchestrations for all things illegal was done a day before the stretch came. Time is money in the white elephant, as I like to call it, known to others as a white limousine. Soon this would become a code word throughout the years to come. Calling my friends and picking them up at the door step gave me such an incredible high. The comfort and joy in their eyes once in the car all knowing that they could drink and party, and that I would return them back at their door step safely. This ritual, would soon become what I was known for, and what all my friends and acquaintances would come to expect. On this particular evening, the moon was full, the wind was a not a gust but more swirly, kind of a sexy wind. Not the kind of wind that just blows. I was feeling a bit like a guy in heat. I’m a woman… but there are times when the body just wants to go. I picked up my two friends, such a respected, adorable couple. Close friends, loyal people. The kind of friends that you barbecue  with, play volleyball,  go to the beach,  just real good courteous type. When the moon is full it is a big distraction for me. Brings out the inner animal, all things primitive and sexual, especially when the stretch is cliff side , music on,  moon roof open, flute in hand, sipping on champagne. Earlier in the evening of course , me being the master now at planning and timing limousine charters. I have to be on top of my game. Every minute in a limousine is totaled at the end of the night on top of a gratuity. I asked the driver  before we hit the coastline with the gorgeous cliffs and panoramic ocean view, to not stop the vehicle at any time, do not put the partition down at anytime, and that when you arrive at the secluded beach I instructed as our destination of the evening, to please keep the engine running and I will know we have arrived and I will call you from the car phone to let us out onto the beach. Its amazing how wonderful and so non complex it was for me on this evening to begin the seduction in the backseat with two people I love and adore , and I knew , they also loved and adored me as well. Scooting in was done on my part so sexy and in perfect rhythm to the music being played. Music from the 80s just always had a groove that made you feel like your hips belonged in someone else’s direction with a lovely grind to it.  I was so damned good at moving in a moving limousine. Naturally I kissed the girl and she liked it. Next the hand of her boyfriend caressed my breast, deep warm breathing , then the moaning, pressing in and feeling the heat of each others bodies bumping and grinding, the thrill and erotic stimulation of being so turned on and moist while in a limousine with the glow of the full moon illuminating the long leather seat. The ocean at a distance was exhilarating while the smell of night came through the open moonroof. Three people in heat, in the backseat of a limousine is and was an experience that can only , and honestly my friends happen once.

To be continued …  A View From the Backseat